We kick off the first campaign to collect reusable cloth pads for Uganda

Campaign to collect reusable pads


In a world where access to menstrual hygiene products is a privilege, we want to highlight how lucky we are in Catalonia to be able to opt for sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives. We are pleased to announce the launch of the reusable pad collection campaign, following the initiative promoted by the Generalitat of Catalonia with the aim of addressing the menstrual gap and promoting menstrual health in Catalonia.

The reusable pads provided by the Generalitat of Catalonia offer a sustainable and economical alternative to menstruating people, thus contributing to the reduction of environmental impact and the empowerment of women and girls. 

However, we are aware that some menstruating people in their fertile stage may not feel comfortable using this type of product. That's why we want to offer you a unique opportunity: donate your used cloth pads to the Red Girls project in Uganda!
These donations will go specifically to project girls in Uganda, where the menstrual gap remains a significant barrier to access to education and well-being for women and girls.

Your contribution to this campaign will not only help provide essential menstrual products, but will also contribute to breaking the menstrual gap and promoting the dignity and well-being of girls in Uganda. 

Every pad donated is a small action that can make a big difference in someone's life. Join us in this important effort to make the world a more equitable and fair place for all menstruating people!

How to get the product?

Below we leave you a visual step by step to know how to order them in Catalan pharmacies.

Where can I donate them?

Below we leave a list with all the collection points throughout Catalonia (if you want to be a collection point Contact us)

If you don't have a collection point nearby, contact us and we will find a way to send your donation!

Red Girls Project Description

WECO UGANDA, through the RED GIRLS project, provides a safe and free space for all girls and boys, according to their ages, to learn to know their own body, assume responsible values and attitudes related to sexuality, know and respect the right to identity, non-discrimination and good treatment. So that they can understand their growth process and feel accompanied in the development of sexuality and health care to achieve the eradication of menstrual poverty suffered by the vast majority of this population.

This project is aimed primarily at adolescents and young women who are part of the WECO community, as well as all those who live in the town of Niendo, Luvule and the surroundings of Masaka. In addition, all the material has been readapted to provide knowledge to those mothers in the community who have requested it.

With the aim of raising awareness and providing comprehensive sexual education, we work together with different institutions and volunteers. In this way, extending the project and reaching all the schools interested in receiving these trainings and talks is easier. The more young people receive this training, the safer their daily lives will be.
We want to guarantee access to any person or institution that requests it.

On a monthly basis, coordination of all the parties that make up the project is carried out to evaluate needs detected and the activities or coordination carried out, investigate funds and/or plan new self-management methods, prioritize the most urgent economic expenses, set new objectives. and lines of work and assess links with other entities.

In addition, online meetings of the technical team are held outside Uganda to distribute the tasks related to the preparation of written and graphic supports, the necessary material and activities related to each training block.
Once the content has been created, coordination is done with Uganda to carry out the necessary training to carry out the following workshops, publicize the resources prepared by the technical team and thus be able to carry out the quarterly meetings with the young women, the information sessions with mothers and fathers and in secondary schools in the province of Masaka.

New collaborations:

  • Medical clinic. Brian Kiwanuka
    Brian Kiwanuka is a community doctor, who runs a medical clinic.
    This year the collaboration with WECO UGANDA has begun, and specifically with the RED GIRLS project, to respond to the needs that arise. Especially in information training where we have no way of reaching.
    On the other hand, it offers free information service to our participants; That is, if anyone has a question as a result of the topics discussed, they can go to the clinic to request more information and resolve doubts. This collaboration will help us break even more some taboos and social stigmas, since he will be the one who will teach topics directly related to health; receiving training on some feminine topics from a man is completely groundbreaking.

  • Ugandan designer and model Wyne Kirabo
    This year, we have also contacted the winner of the emerging African designer award, Wyne Kirabo, resident in Catalonia, to be the godmother of our sewing workshop.
    Your task will be to accompany us in the creation process, as well as provide guidance and basic training for our manager.
    When doubts or concerns arise, we can pass it on to her, who will give us a professional refund of what was requested.
    It is planned in the future to create special sewing sessions and to have their presence in the sewing workshop in Uganda.

More information: