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Do you want to enjoy Africa but do not dare to go alone?
Find the perfect balance between volunteering and group backpacking!
We propose 4 dates during the year (Easter, June, July and New Year's Eve) so that you sign up for this experience with other travelers! and share the trip to Uganda.
We allocate part of your trips to WECO UGANDA projects.



If you want to travel to Uganda and not worry at all, choose one of the adventure packs that we offer, the one that suits you best and let yourself be carried away by our guides!



If you are not convinced by any of our packages to travel to Uganda, don't worry! We adapt to you 100% and we organize the trip of your dreams based on your tastes, concerns and budget!

EWAFFE WECO ADVENTURAS takes care of all the planning and we make the trip to your liking.



If you come to enjoy a culture exchange in our organization, we also offer you to travel to Uganda in weekend excursions so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.
We have various activities to travel to Uganda with different budgets so that one can adapt to what you are looking for to travel to Uganda.

Enjoy the cultural and Ugandan exchange at 100% with EWAFFE!



Ask us for information if you want to travel to Uganda

* From WECO ONG Uganda we will treat the data provided as Data Controller in order to manage our relationship with you, in pursuit of our foundational objectives, including in some cases sending information about our activities, based on consent or execution. of an agreement. You can exercise your rights by sending an email to hello@wecouganda.com with the subject "Data Protection".



Main health risk when traveling to Uganda
  • Stomach problems
  • Malaria
  • bilharzia
Precautions and vaccinations

To travel to Uganda, the yellow fever vaccine is required.
They recommend getting your vaccination 6-8 weeks before traveling to Uganda, but it is not required

There are pills to prevent malaria, although we also recommend taking precautions such as mosquito repellent and mosquito netting.

Avoid drinking water that is not bottled, as well as raw foods.
(in all stores there are bottles of water)

Health in Uganda is not free, if you prefer to travel to Uganda with health insurance it is a good option. Otherwise we have an agreement with a trusted medical clinic near our school.


With a UK adapter you can travel to Uganda without electricity supply problems.
It is important to know that sometimes the connection is lost and you can spend hours, even days without electricity.
That is why we recommend bringing an external battery for these cases.

phone and internet

When you arrive at the airport, the person who comes to pick you up can help you buy a Ugandan card with internet access, or we can lend you one during your visit.
Another option is to do it in Masaka city, near our home.


We have drinking water from our well, but we recommend that bottled water be consumed


Relatively moderate, tropical and equatorial climate. Therefore, the temperatures are not extremely high, there are only small fluctuations throughout the year and instead of the classic seasons, the alternating humid climate is mainly determined by the rainy seasons.

The first dry season usually lasts from late December to late February, and the second from June to early September.

The periods of March to end of May and September to November can be described as the rainy season in Uganda due to heavy rainfall in some cases.