New way!

We have the great pleasure of announcing that WECO UGANDA takes a new course as an entity.
Last July 2022, we registered in Uganda as NGO, previously we were CBO, and that has been a super important step as an organization.
We also have the creation of an association based in Spain to be able to better manage all the projects and thus make this great family grow.

As those of you who have known us for a long time can see, we have decided to proceed with the name and logo change. And you will wonder why...?
Easy! WECO was previously the acronym for We Everyone's Child Orphanage, but as a result of the global pandemic we realized that we had to work TO our community and do it above all IN community. Thus, the name lost its meaning because we began to focus on community projects according to the needs of our neighbors instead of only the orphaned children. Hence the idea of changing the name to WE EVERYONE'S CHILD ORGANIZATION and later the corporate image, the logo and this fantastic website, created with a lot of love.

We are really happy with this change, we believe that it will allow us to help more people around us and doing it in community is always something precious.


We take this opportunity to thank the great work of our friends from Arctic Agency who has supported, helped, advised and worked very hard to make this now a reality.

Thank you once again for trusting us!