RED GIRLS PROJECT empowers adolescents and young people at school so that they can be leaders, reach their full educational potential, and make healthy and informed choices. We provide girls and young people skills, knowledge, tools, mentoring and support to develop their self-confidence and voice to thrive as leaders in their schools and communities.

Urafiki Designs Hub it will be our social enterprise that intends in the future to sell African fabric pads, clothing and accessories made by our project members; while offering vocational training in fashion, design and tailoring, as well as business and personal skills training for vulnerable youth at our school. With this program we want to develop your confidence and create job opportunities in our community.

The pillars of the program are:

  • vocational training
  • Training in menstrual health, the woman's body
  • Business Mentoring and Business Skills Training
  • Design and sewing center
  • Safe space where you can discuss taboo topics in Ugandan society

For all this to be a reality, donations and a lot of dedication have been needed to build the workshop. We are currently in the last finishes, installing doors and windows. When it is finished, we will simply need to turn it into a practical and beautiful sewing workshop for our participants. We really want to teach you

We are very grateful to Intress Org, Belen Lopez Y Maria Montano -including relatives and friends of both- for their involvement in this project. Without these supports this project would not be possible!