Project presentation OKUYAMBA BWE BULAMU, what does it mean HELP IS LIFE.

Today we have the great pleasure of announcing a new project that will be part of the organization, and this is thanks to XICS ENTREMALIATS and its co-founders, Eva and Queralt.

A project that was born from the shared illusion of our colleague and friend Eva, with the girls and boys of the reception service of the Santa Eulàlia School in Berga (Catalonia).
They, the students of P4 are the ones who have put all the illusion in choosing their name. Although the courses from P1 to P6 also participate.

What is the project about?

The project consists of making solidarity bracelets. The chosen color is red, following the story of the red thread, which means Union, commitment, united lives with everyone who wears this bracelet; which will be done by the boys and girls during reception hours and continuing with the summer camp.

They will be sold for €2 and the proceeds will go to WECO UGANDA projects.
The sale will be in person in the town of Berga, and those interested in buying one should ask the host and matrimonial monitors.

This is how Eva, from XICS ENTREMALIATS, has decided to help WECO UGANDA and contribute her grain of sand.
And so that you can understand a little more why this beautiful initiative, we leave you the video that he has prepared to express everything he experienced on his trip to Uganda:

This summer I have been able to make my dream come true, a dream that I had been pursuing for many years and that I had all the illusion and hope of achieving one day.
I was finally able to get it and I want to share it somehow with you. Even if it is a small part of this video, I want it to reach you and for you to discover with it what I want to tell you.

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