Solidarity Projects for Uganda


WECO Junior School

We currently offer schooling to 52 children in our nursery school and 25 sponsorships of orphans in both primary and secondary schools. In January we will start with the construction of a new school thanks to the collaboration of Horizon Experiences!

Our dream is to be able to guarantee our little ones a better education by providing the educational team with more experience and didactic material to implement in our classrooms.

We want our school to be a space for experiential growth and exchange of knowledge and cultures!


WECO foster home

We are in the final finishes and furnishing our new home that will be a family place for homeless children.

Our team at the shelter is made up of: Mama Fatuma Namale

We currently offer home to 33 children. Some of them study in boarding schools and come to the foster home during the summer period.


clean water

We have successfully completed 2 water wells and 4 tanks in two different villages to ensure clean water for our students and families in the surrounding neighborhoods. Although one of them is currently dry and needs to be reactivated, we are happy for this breakthrough.

We offer free drinking water to our community, thus preventing them from having to travel tens of kilometers on foot to get it.

This project has been carried out thanks to the collaboration of Mudita Adventures and Nuoc Life


women empowerment

Thanks to Mama Kasinde, who has donated goats and chickens, seeds and gardening tools, the mothers of our community have been able to improve their income.

In addition, a bakery is being built to create employment opportunities for young mothers and also feed our shelter and school. This project has been paralyzed due to lack of liquidity and we are waiting to finish the construction of the kitchen.


Gardening and orchards

We currently have a plantation of corn, peanuts, cassava, potatoes, squash, other vegetables and a wide variety of fruit trees.

The purpose of this project is to have their own resources to support the school and the foster home and not depend so much on donations.

We also have goats for the organization, as well as to be able to donate them to the most disadvantaged families and ensure that they can start a small business.

Our mentality is based on reducing the costs of our projects so that they are sustainable over time.

Monday is in charge of this project.


Families and children with disabilities

4 wheelchairs have been donated, the medical expenses of one of our students with leg malformations have been covered, and we are seeking funding to guarantee schooling for two children in our community.

We intend to create a medical commission so that these children and families can access free medical check-ups.


Red Girls Project

We offer a safe space for about 30 girls between the ages of 12 and 18, to learn about menstruation, the female body, sexuality, and other taboo topics in Ugandan society.
We have also partnered with CCFU, a Ugandan organization, to be able to bring training on menstruation and other taboo topics to more corners of the country through talks in co-educational schools.

This year we have received a grant from INTRESS (Catalonia Foundation) to be able to expand our project with the creation of a textile workshop where the girls will learn to sew cloth pads and thus guarantee them for everyone! Thanks to this donation they have been able to buy sewing machines and all the necessary material for it.

Once we have this new space available, it will be offered to single mothers in our community to start their business and thus facilitate their entry into the world of work.


Education Commission

Start an exchange with members of the educational union in Spain to go to Uganda to train our educational team, mothers and fathers in new educational methodologies.

    Create a space for knowledge exchange on education in Uganda.
    Define the role of the teacher in each stage and what is the content to offer in each of them.
    Define norms and values of coexistence, and organization of the classroom.
    Provide innovative educational methodologies and tools as far as Uganda is concerned.
    Collect materials and toys to donate to the school
    Meetings with the educational team of WECO JUNIOR SCHOOL
    Meeting with the mothers and fathers of the students
    Meetings with the students of WECO JUNIOR SCHOOL
    Preparation of teaching material for school
    – Dynamics and games
    – Material on paper
    – digital material


mom savings

Together with Mama Kasinde, a small cooperative for young women from our community has been created where they meet weekly to manage their savings and give support to those who need it.

Proyectos Solidarios para Uganda



With the sponsorship program we ensure education, maintenance and health to those children of our community.


culture exchange

Travel to Uganda and see our projects firsthand!

Volunteering with a renewed mentality: live with Ugandan families, learn Luganda (the country's language), cook typical dishes, culture, dance, etc.